Who are We & How we can help you?

We are MobileXA, which stands for Mobile Executive Assistant. We are a business development agency, and we help early-stage entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs that are feeling like they’ve plateaued to scale their company in 90 days. However, we often see results in less than 30 days. We do that through our 90-day roadmap

We help you create your scale team from day one. This includes an executive coach. Now, an executive coach knows entrepreneurs sometimes have a challenge of getting out of their way and finding ways to navigate some of those peaks and valleys. So, you meet with an executive coach weekly to help you stay on course. They serve as your strategic thought partner. Next, you will receive an executive assistant who you’ll meet with multiple times a week to help you stay on target and also serve as your liaison between our entire team to make sure that you are meeting your deadlines and milestones towards this 90-day roadmap. In addition, you get a systems and processes builder. We now know that to grow any company, especially to scale it beyond yourself, you need to have documented systems and processes embedded into your company to help you grow. We’re the only company that provides customized systems and processes that fit with your brand and your vision. It is custom made from start to finish. 

Next, you also get your own social media team. Now, your social media team will help you create a jumpstart to your brand identity. We work on multiple different platforms to help you create a custom message to reach your target audience. That includes everything from strategy, to messaging, to images, to even getting engagement. We also now offer someone on the team that provides talent management and talent sourcing. 

After 90 days, you will already have your team in place, so you don’t miss a step. In the process, you’ll also get your web development team. We know that when any company starts, especially in the virtual space, your virtual storefront or your website is the most important thing. So, we will help you build out your website to make sure that you are looking professional and established from day one and look as though you’ve been in business for several years. We also offer an ad specialist with Google ads and Facebook ads. 

We know that organic reach is powerful, but you’re going to get the maximum reach with ads. So, we have dedicated people on our team who have worked with some of the top companies in the world to help you manage your ads campaign. They’ll get maximum reach with the lowest cost per click rate. We’ll even do the background research to help make sure that your strategy is right from day one. 

We also offer high-end leadership management training. Because we know once you go from a solo entrepreneur to leading a team, that transition isn’t always easy. So we offer leadership and management training to help you feel equipped to lead your team after your 90 days. And finally, we know that entrepreneurship can be a very lonely place. That’s why we offer our own founder’s mastermind each week where you can connect with other entrepreneurs that are going through what you are and can offer advice, resources, or even just provide some guidance along the way so you don’t feel as though you’re by yourself. 

What are the stages of the 90-Day Roadmap plan?

We help you from day one by providing this team to guide you along this 90-day roadmap, which is broken down into three main stages. The first stage in month one is where you will create a routine and fix those leaky pipes to make sure your foundation is strong before we start building. Because we know if your foundation is weak, and you start to add more load, it’s only going to cause you to crumble, both professionally and personally. 

During stage two, we want to focus on building out your customized systems and your brand presence. This is where we start to identify and create the social media strategy. We also revamp your website, as well as starting to document your systems and processes from day one to whenever you are finished onboarding. Stage three is finalizing the systems and providing leadership management training. Part of that involves helping you hire your new team that gets you ready to launch on day 91. 

More detail about the 90-Day Roadmap…

We just talked about the first stages where you’re going to be creating your routine and fixing those leaky pipes. Now, what does that look like? The first thing that you’re going to need to do is to create new habits and routines for success. So, we’re going to help you create new routines, new habits, and onboard you into our platform where you’ll be able to manage your tasks. You’ll also be able to meet with your executive coach. And as soon as possible, we’re going to get all of those ideas out of your head and onto a piece of paper as we organize all the things that you need to do week by week so you can focus on the high-impact and revenue-generating tasks. 

We will also help you understand how to communicate your offers and how to create a plan that will allow you, yourself, your team, and even your prospects to understand exactly what you do and how it will help them. We’ll also break down your customized systems and processes into a Jam Board to organize and put it into a spreadsheet where we can follow it from start to finish. 

In week five, we’re going to be focused on implementing your customized systems and processes as we start building out your brand presence, your website and even your social media channels. At this point, we want to make sure that we’re on the right page because we’re going to start doing goal assessments and also a midpoint check-in to see that we are on track. We’re also going to create flow charts, automate your systems, and build out your overall strategy as a company. Stage two is really about building your systems and building out your brand presence. Stage three is where we help you finalize your systems and commence the new executive management training because once we build your team and start sourcing that, in week nine, we will then also have you create your sales funnel. We even have an opportunity to review your systems, test out your processes, and then complete the final offboarding so you can transition into running and leading your company without missing a beat.

Where will I be standing after the 90 Days?

Now, what are some of the key takeaways that you will get after you complete this 90-day roadmap? First, with executive coaching, you will get a final system’s training, so you’ll be ready to roll as either a CEO, a COO, or a manager of your team. Executive coaching will focus on your mindset and your preparation for leading your team. The key takeaway with an account manager is they’ll be helping with a final review of all your project management systems that you have within your company. They’re going to keep you updated on your assets and your deliverables because here at Mobile XA, our main focus is not time in or time out. We focus 100% on creating deliverables because deliverables are what make things happen. 

We also make sure that all of your custom processes and systems are compiled, and automation is ready to be used. This will include Google Sheets, Zapier, Culture or any of the third-party apps that you need to implement. We’ll help you implement that to make sure that by the time you’re ready to launch, you no longer have to think about how to navigate through these systems. With your social media team, you will create two months of social media content and even a template of your social media account. You’ll know exactly what your posts will be and have full control over the images used and wording of the posts that will be created on your behalf to grow your brand presence.

Next is going to be web development. You’re going to have a full-scale SEO website, mainly using WordPress. You will see before and after screenshots of your website. We’ll also work with you to create all of your key messaging on your website and blow up the UX and UI design. Also, we will create any automation you need for your website to communicate your brand and make it look like you’ve been in business for years. Last, we have a real human resource team where we help you source your talent, even interview them, and help you set them up within your organization. This will also include any job descriptions, NDAs, onboarding templates, and an organizational development chart. 

What will be my Investment in MobileXA?

This is a done-for-you program. To work with MobileXA, the investment for the 90-day roadmap starts at $15,000. We’re going to lay the foundation and help you put the pieces together so that by the end of 90 days you get a fully equipped company and you can then continue to build, grow and lead yourself.

**Financing is Available

To get more info on the investment, please contact us.

What's included in the Website Development & Social Media Content Creation?

For Website Development, MobileXA uses WordPress or Wix to create a customized website for you. That includes all of your main pages, and we will even create the media and help you with the website’s copy. If you already have a website, we will do a rebrand for you that fits your target audience and gives you a stronger brand presence.

For our social media, we have a process in which we’re able to create a lot of content in a short amount of time. Our social media strategy is usually done through interviews and image creation. We will do interviews once per month to help us create the content. We will even help you set up your pages and do competitor research to identify exactly the type of posts that we believe are going to be the most effective. There will be assistance with getting engagement with each post as well.  

What's the Role of the Account Manager who will be working with me?

Your account manager will help you stay on track towards growing your company. Their role is to mainly serve as the liaison who helps you stay on task to grow your company in 90 days. If however, you are looking for your own dedicated executive assistant, our HR team will help you source one.  

The account manager will help you do a brain dump and help you strategize and organize your days inside and outside the organization. But they will not be handling external communications. They’ll only be handling internal communications and helping you stay on task with completing the 90-day roadmap. You’ll be meeting with your executive assistant at least three times per week for 30 minutes. Mondays are going to be your planning day. 

What's the Role of the Executive Coach?

Our executive coaches are former or current entrepreneurs and also coaches themselves. They’re going to serve as your thought partner, your strategist, and even your emotional support. As we know, entrepreneurship can be difficult and lonely. They will help you with strategy and implementation. You’ll meet with them roughly one hour per week, at a time that works for both of you.

The founder’s mastermind sessions are where you can connect with other entrepreneurs and help each other stay accountable. We also offer bi-weekly training on sales, strategy, and time management. Not only will you be able to connect with other entrepreneurs in a similar place, but you’ll be also upgrading your skill sets to help you grow as a leader and also as an entrepreneur.

What is the process of your business plan?

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Podcasting operational change management inside of workflows to establish a framework. Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail. Keeping your eye on the ball while performing a deep dive on the start-up mentality to derive convergence on cross-platform integration.

How would you help me in boosting my sales?

When it comes to sales, we’re going to help you in two main areas: lead generation and creating a sales funnel. We help you answer the following questions: How do you get the attention of your target audience? How do you build trust? How do you make a compelling offer? How do you get leads on a call or to start your sales funnel? 

Once we establish clear answers to these questions, we create a sales funnel that takes individuals through a sales process that has been used by major companies and brands. This involves a follow-up system to create the best customer experience possible when you are onboarding a new client. We help with automation, systems and event planning. Now with systems, we help you document your current systems and will even help you develop the optimized systems that work best for you and your company. We’re the only company that offers individuals customizable process building, roadmap, and documentation. We build out your automation and integrations as well.

What's MobileXA's Refund Policy?

We do not have a money-back guarantee because we guarantee that we will develop and implement all of these systems. We will not guarantee that you’re going to have a multimillion-dollar business, but we can guarantee that you will have a new website, a social media presence, systems, and processes developed. We cannot offer a money-back guarantee when you’ve already done the work.

We are different from any other company because we focus on deliverables and not just time in and time out. So no, we do not offer a money-back guarantee because those systems will be built out and you’ll be able to track the progress as we go through the journey. We believe in our products and our services.