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4 Ways to Eliminate Time Wasting Tasks

It was believed that with the advancements in technology, people would have more time than ever for recreational as well as leisure activities. However, it is far from the truth. Statistics of a Gallup poll reported that ‘61% of working Americans claim they don’t have enough time to do what they want’. Moreover, 68% of people feel they aren’t getting enough rest.

Here are 4 basic ways which could help with such routines:

1.  Avoid Multitasking:

Modern psychological studies have proven that multitasking does not actually save time. On the contrary, it makes you lose time when switching from one task to another, resulting in a loss of productivity (Rubinsteim, Meyer, and Evans, 2001)

2.  Procrastination:

According to a recent study at the University of Calgary, the number of people who chronically procrastinate has increased from 5% in 1978 to 26% in 2007. Procrastination mentally cripples us while precious moments are wasted away!

3.  Learn to say No:

A survey of 2,500 people in the U.K. by Webtrate found that over 60% of people working on a report or long writing task admitted having their thoughts disrupted because of various useless reasons including emails and social media. This affects productivity and lowers the quality of the output.

4. Most Difficult things at Your Peak Time:

Experts agree that the most important tasks usually aren’t the most urgent tasks. Covey, Merrill, and Merrill (1994) categorize our activities into four quadrants in their Time Management Matrix: urgent, not urgent, important, and not important. This way, the most important and the difficult tasks would be completed which would boost our morale further.


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