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5 ways to achieve in your home based business

Work at Home Success — How do you measure the success in your life?  As a home-based working mom it’s so different than the outside corporate world. I know for me, one day it can be a call from Borders that they are accepting one of my books, where another day it can be that I finally got my 8-year-old to go on a field trip at school.  The last two she had missed being too scared to attend and instead spent the day home, sick.  Both days, I consider huge successes!  Both days, I felt a real winner!

Home based success can mean the little things such as a day we get all our work done while attending a sick child, or being one of the only parents able to attend a school function that your daughter so eagerly anticipated. That’s what we are trying to achieve in our home-based business, the best of both worlds.  And having worked at home since 1985 I can truly say, it can be done.

So how can you achieve this success for your business and family?  How can you make more good days than bad?  Here are some tips:

  1. Start Early: I find that by getting up an hour or so before everyone else, I can accomplish so much more. That allows me the extra 10 minutes of devotional time, a few minutes to enjoy my coffee alone, and then time to dig into my work.  I usually save my peak work for this time as this is truly when I’m at my best.
  2. Regroup and Rebalance: So often home-based moms feel overwhelmed and unable to accomplish anything because of this.  Try breaking it all down. Take a day or two and write down your typical day. What can you change to make it better, to make it work?  Often when it’s down in writing, it’s clearer to see where changes can be made.  Try to lump together tasks and delegate any tasks you can. And above all else-avoid Guilt.
  3. Eliminate time-robbers! We still have to cook dinner, (I tried, it didn’t work!) but I don’t have to talk to my friend, who doesn’t work, for 45 minutes during my workday.  Say No!
  4. Shortcuts to Success: What can you do to make your business run smoother? Constantly be thinking of ways to improve upon your business. Organization is naturally a big one.  The more organized you are, the better you’ll be at many things.
  5. Focus on Success: Continue to see yourself as a success and focus on your goals.  Success is within your reach when you continually focus on your goals, both for your business and your family.

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