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7 Ways To Cut Distractions So You Can Focus More

>If you want to boost your productivity, you should learn how to concentrate and avoid distractions. Distractions may not seem harmful at first, but in the end they really affect the quality of the work you are doing and if you are studying you may end up not learning anything.

How To Cut Distractions So You Can Focus More:

1.Structure Your Environment
The place where you work or study can have a great impact on your ability to concentrate. Try to locate yourself away from any potential distractions such as windows, doors or phones. You should also ensure that your study or work space is free of clutter. If you are working online close all the other browsers on your computer apart from the one you are working on.

2. Clarify Your Objectives
By setting clear objectives of what you hope to accomplish, you will be able to concentrate more. If you are not sure of what the end result will be, the uncertainty will make it impossible to focus and you will easily be distracted. 

3. Take Regular Breaks
Ensure that you take regular breaks. Regular breaks can help improve your alertness and concentration levels. Long studying or working hours not only affect your performance and mental capacity but your physical health too. Taking regular breaks when studying or working is also good for your physical health, such as your preventing tense muscles and eye health.

4. Routine
Set yourself a time frame within which you will study or work and stick to it. You should set a clear starting time and finishing time. If you need time for fitness classes, dog walks, school hours, cleaning your house that is fine, but include them in your daily routine before they become distractions.

5.Divide Big Tasks
Big tasks usually do not have any clear starting or ending point and as result they destroy focus. If you are working on a large project that requires a lot of work, clearly identify the steps that you will have go through to finish the project. If the sequence of actions is not obvious, it will be hard to focus.

6. Keep Refreshments Handy
Thirst and hunger can be major distractions while you are working or studying. Have plenty of healthy snacks (such as a fruit, cheese, healthy snack bar or peanut butter) and water and near your study or work space so that you can stay energized and hydrated without being distracted.

7. Communicate
Tell the members of your family (if you working or studying at home) or your workmates (if you are working in an office) that you will be busy and they should save any interruptions or questions until you are finished. You can also put a note on your door asking not to be disturbed.


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