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7 Ways to Enhance Organizational Culture

7 Ways To Enhance Organizational Culture – MobleXA
  1. Modern researches have confirmed that when a team works together, smartly, it can unleash energy that boosts creativity, productivity, and efficiency.
  2. Top companies around the world infuse their vision within the culture since a well-constructed and deeply integrated vision and can help align and focus an organization.
  3. Businesses using strategic-management concepts display significant improvement in sales, profitability, and productivity compared to companies without any effective planning.
  4. Employees’ motivation is one of the most researched topics in organizational behavior because a manager’s role as a motivator can directly affect an organization’s overall output.
  5. Be it a large firm like Apple or Microsoft, or a small scale business, the responsibility to promote a culture of cohesion and collaboration falls on a charismatic leader who leads the workplace by example.
  6. According to the Harvard Business Review, as actions are greater than words, leaders, through their course of action, can shape an organization’s culture which proves that taking action is the most basic and important step for a healthy culture.
  7. A recent study published in Forbes states that small steps do matter but one should recognize the value of gaining momentum. Simultaneously, for an improved and enhanced environment, the fundamental tools of patience and perseverance should never be forgotten.

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