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The Top 10 Ways to Motivate Employees.

Bonuses and rewards make decent motivational tools, but their effects can be short-term. The best way to motivate employees, especially over the long haul, is by creating an environment they enjoy working in.

  1. Providing employees with the right amount of challenging assignments and responsibilities will automatically make them self-motivated towards the goals of the organization.
  2. Energize employees by allowing autonomy to make decisions and direct projects.
  3. Implement teamwork into your organization. A recent finding by Gallup stated that engaged teams were 21% more profitable.
  4. Provide the opportunity for flexible work schedules. As employees juggle more and more personal and professional requirements, their need for flexible work schedules grows.
  5. Keep employees up to date on new developments and initiatives in the organization. Show them how their work affects the company’s success.
  6. Employees need recognition and praise which can be attributed to the reduction of the organizations’ turnover rate by 200%
  7. Provide the safety and security that employees need. 89% of employees were reported to recommend their workplace as a good organization when it supported their well-being and fringe benefits.
  8. Act as a coach to your staff. An astonishing amount of 89% of HR leaders agree that feedbacks are key for successful outcomes.
  9. Unless your business requires professional attire, relax the dress code to comfortable standards.
  10. Since employees compare their respective work hours, duties, salary, and privileges, they can become discouraged if they perceive inequities.

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