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WHAT YOU GET ON DAY ONEYour Scaling Team Includes:


To Improve your Mindset and serve as a Strategic Thought Partner
(Exclusive 60 Mins Weekly Live Sessions)


Your direct Point of Contact and makes sure you stay Organized & Accountable
(3x Live Exec- Support sessions/week)


Helps you define and implement your CUSTOMIZED systems, automations & processes to simply process flow.


Creates engaging and consistent social media content that enhances your Brand Presence


Sourcing and shortlisting candidates to help you build your internal team so you're not stuck doing Everything Yourself


Builds your virtual storefront so your Established & Trustworthy from DAY ONE


We build and track your advertising campaigns so you get the Highest Conversions with the best returns on ad spend.


We prepare Executives & Managers to lead Highly Functioning and deliverables focused workforce; while still maintaining a high moral


Brainstorm with other Entrepreneurs to expand your network & expand your resource pool


Advice from Real Experts

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In the end, when your Processes are Systemized and have a Supporting Team, then you can focus on growing your personal life while your Business Grows!

Problems you had before working with MobileXA?

  1. I was unmotivated due to anxiety. I was running my business as if I were a team of one though I had staff that work with me. 2. I needed help identifying tools that would support my work style while improving my productivity. 3. My constant unease because none of the systems in our business had been automated. This fact was always looming over my head. My team handled client work as they came in instead of having a systematized way of managing tasks. Sometimes we had prospective buyers stop working with us because we took too long to respond to their needs. 4. I was frustrated because the team that I had was not very productive. In short, we did not work well together.
Sika D. Sedzro

How did MobileXA help you with the problem/s?

  1. Helped me identify tools that worked when it came to productivity. 2. Provided me with both mentoring and coaching that was focused on leadership development and positive psychology. 3. Taught me how to celebrate big and small wins in order to prevent burnout and help keep me motivated as a founder. 4. Helped me reconfigure my team and restructure my organization so that we are more competitive in the marketplace. 5. Assisted me in automating repetitive tasks and improving client response times. 6. Provided the needed expertise when there were labor gaps and helped me source new talent as a permanent solution. 7. I learned how to delegate!
Sika D. Sedzro

The outcome of the relationship

  1. Gained two new team members that have been instrumental in helping us land our biggest contract to date and client response time. 2. Learned how to automate repetitive tasks to improve productivity. 3. Assisted us in refining our value proposition while helping us differentiate ourselves within the marketplace.
Sika D. Sedzro

Emotional Outcomes of the results you produced together (biggest impact / new habits formed / takeaways)

  1. I now understand why self-care is important as the leader of an organization. 2. I give myself permission, as a founder, to take a day or two off. 3. I don’t see time off or planning time as unproductive anymore. 4. I am more confident as a manager and as a leader and continue to seek ways to grow my leadership skills. 5. I learned the toxic behaviors I was perpetuating and how that was feeding into the team dynamic. 6. I now realize that I need at least one hour in the day for myself. I am more productive when I am able to reset.
Sika D. Sedzro

Recommendation to work with MobileXA

  1. You have to be willing to do the work. The team is supportive and they provide you with the tools needed for success. You, nonetheless, have to be willing to do hard work to move yourself and/ or your company forward. 2. You have to be willing to move outside of your comfort zone. The coaches really work hard at identifying behaviors that don't serve you as a founder. You have to be willing to work on those behaviors. Whether it's through the written exercises or taking part in an activity you normally shy away from, you must be open to stepping outside your realm of comfort. 3. Be ready to get things done. This is not a coaching engagement that is about talking about abstract ideas. The team and coaches are about action. 4. Bring your authentic self.
Sika D. Sedzro

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