5 Ways to Stop Procrastination - MobleXA

5 Ways to Stop Procrastination - MobleXA

1: Focus on your goals
The more you stray away from your target, the more inclined you are to lose your focus. To avoid ...
procrastination, try ‘commitment devices’ which, according to leading psychologists, lock your focus and actions onto a specific path.

2: Get a good night’s rest and Exercise regularly
Numerous researches have proven that humans have more energy, clarity, better decision-making, and better ability to prioritize excellently when they exercise consistently and follow a good sleep pattern.

3: Set healthy deadlines
Setting healthy deadlines increases the chance of you meeting your target which in turn, motivates you further. This could simply curb the habit of procrastination.

4: Get it done, not perfect
As Mark Zuckerberg wisely states, ‘Done is better than perfect’, it can be of help for idealistic procrastinators too! Try to get done with your tasks using the currently present resources and ways instead of waiting for the ‘perfect time’ or the ‘optimum circumstances’.

5: Do something difficult
Our brains are wired to solve problems and when we do this, we feel more driven and eager to follow the same pattern, i.e. getting things done. Try to incorporate at least one difficult task in your daily routine, get it done, and see how your procrastination declines.

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