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Top 10 Tips For Creating A Better Work Environment

The following are some ways of creating a good and conducive work environment:
  1. Encourage Open Communication

A private survey showed that 81% of 1,000 surveyed workers chose open, honest communication over perks like a free gym membership, etc.

  1. Remove Cliques

Research by CareerBuilder found that 43% of workers in the US believed that workplace cliques harmed the overall employee morale.

  1. Show Appreciation

A study reported by Harvard Medical School summarized that employees who received verbal appreciation performed almost 50% better than those who did not.

  1. Develop a Culture of Trust

Gallup’s meta-analysis of decades’ worth of data that about 55% of CEOs think that a lack of trust is a threat to their organization’s growth.

  1. Give Everyone a Chance

Allowing people a voice in how they work and collaborate with colleagues gives them the autonomy they psychologically crave

  1. Get to Know Your Employees

Leading organizations realize that management needs to understand employees and their expectations since employees are indeed the lifeline of an organization.

  1. Meaningful Dialogue

A modern survey revealed that 84% of Millennials said they would rather be employed by a firm where there is an open communication policy

  1. Have a positive Attitude

Positive wok environment encourages employees for collaborative projects and teamwork, increasing profitability.

  1. Use Incentives

Incentives compel employees to strongly commit to work goals and motivate them to achieve them.

  1. Embrace an Open Door Policy

Openness maintains employee morale and reduces employee turnover.

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